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Experience long-lasting, rich eye shadow shades that start as a crème and finish as a powder on the eyes!

These colors will last all day with no creasing, fallout, smudging or budging!

Apply and forget about it !

These shades can also be blended to create new colors and some incredibly unique looks! ✨ 😍

Why is ShadowSense so amazing?
The Versatility, high pigmentation, unbelievable lasting power, protection, & ingredients. 😱
✅ Eye shadow
✅ Blush
✅ Eyeliner
✅ Contour, Highlight
✅ Mascara
✅ Brows
✅ Bronzer
✅ Concealer
✅ Color corrector
✅ Lips in between layers of LipSense
They also come in a variety of that you can mix together to create your own custom color, collect them all
Pigmentation: ShadowSense colors have a high pigment content use them sparingly. 1 tiny dot per cheek for a blush. A little goes a long way!
Lasting power: ShadowSense will last all day. It's waterproof, smudge-proof and won't crease. One bottle will last you about 6-8 months. Want to go swimming? No problem! This won't smudge down your face! 🙌🏻
Protection: ShadowSense has a mechanical shield so you are protected from UVA & UVB rays.
Ingredients: SenePlex Complex, Vitamins A, B, & E, Glucosamine HCL, Orchid Extract and more!
Tips: Our Cream-to-powder shadows set fast. So work with them within a minute or two before they set in place. Once it's set, it's set for all-day wear.
Blend with your fav brushes!

I have all colors in stock shown and more!! $22
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