Transform your product idea into reality or increase your profit on existing products and supplies you already pay for!


  • taking away more time from your family.
  • pulling you away from your existing business to-do list.
  • generating more sales
  • adjusting your sleep schedule to match international office hours (sleep is good, right?!)

Why Hire a Sourcing Expert?

Hiring me means you’re not just gaining a service; you’re acquiring peace of mind. With years of experience in sourcing from markets like Alibaba, I bring a level of expertise and a network of contacts that transforms sourcing from a daunting challenge into a smooth, predictable process.

  • Zero hassle: Forget about the steep learning curve, the trial and error, and the endless back-and-forth with suppliers. I handle every aspect of sourcing, from vetting suppliers to negotiating terms and overseeing production.
  • Time saved: Time is your most valuable asset. As a Private Client, you reclaim hours, days, and weeks that you can invest back into growing your business, innovating, and outpacing your competition.
  • Expert negotiation: Leverage my expertise in negotiation to secure the best prices, quality, and terms. I navigate these waters daily, ensuring you always get the best deals without compromising on quality.
  • Risk mitigation: With a seasoned expert managing your sourcing, risks are anticipated and mitigated long before they can become issues. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your interests are protected at every turn.
  • Streamlined process from idea to delivery: I oversee the entire sourcing process, ensuring that your product’s journey from idea to delivery is seamless. This end-to-end management includes everything from initial market research and supplier vetting to quality control and logistics.
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What is the retainer to work with Marissa?

Instead of an ongoing or monthly retainer, I offer a one-time upfront fee of $5000. No matter how long you work with me, this will not change!

What is the retainer to work with Marissa?

Unlike monthly fees that can add unpredictability to your expenses, a one-time retainer fee simplifies budgeting and financial planning. It’s a clear, upfront investment in your business’s growth and operational efficiency, with no hidden costs or ongoing financial commitments.

Does the retainer cover the cost of products?

The fee does not include actual product cost or samples. Sourcing turnaround timeline varies. 

What exactly does the retainer cover?

  • Onboarding/kickoff Zoom meeting (30-minute) to introduce you to the process and expectations.
  • Strategic sourcing plan Zoom meeting (1-hour) that will be scheduled during your onboarding call.*
  • Customized Trello private workspace to monitor your sourcing statuses and updates.
  • Direct text access to me for priority support.
  • Market research to review and analyze trends, pricing, etc.
  • Handling of after-hour communications with manufacturers and factories at no additional charge.**
  • Fast support via text, email, WhatsApp.***
  • 1:1 Support Zoom calls as needed
  • Product wish list development.

*Customized sourcing strategy: Every business is unique, and so are its sourcing challenges. The upfront fee allows me to tailor my services specifically to your needs, developing a customized sourcing strategy that aligns with your business objectives, market positioning, and growth plans. This level of customization requires an in-depth analysis of your business, market research, and strategy development, all of which are covered by the retainer.

**Streamlined Communication and Efficiency: Having me on retainer streamlines communication and decision-making processes. It eliminates the need for multiple points of contact or the delays associated with bringing someone up to speed. This efficiency is invaluable in maintaining momentum in your sourcing projects and achieving your objectives faster.

***Immediate and unrestricted access to my expertise: It’s having a sourcing expert in your corner, ready to tackle challenges, offer advice, and guide your sourcing strategy from day one. This accessibility is crucial for making timely decisions and keeping your projects moving forward without delays.

What if I’m not ready for 1:1 services?

Learn how to DIY your own sourcing plan with my self-paced course The Sourcing Advantage. I teach you the exact process I use in my private client services. By the end of the course, you’ll be placing you’re first sourcing order like a pro!

Client Testimonials

Hiring Marissa to source products and supplies for my live events has saved me hours of searching Alibaba! Not only is she getting me better deals, but also better quality products! She’s amazing to work with and she’s helping my business be more profitable!

Tamara, Southern Adoornments Decor

Having Marissa help me with sourcing has been a game changer! When I first had the idea for my pillow cover club, I didn’t know where to start. In walked Marissa and she made the process stress free and seamless! I would not be as far as I am as fast as I am without her help and expert knowledge. It’s a weight lifted having her help with those and other items I source for decor boxes and my live events.  She’s a true blessing to my business!

Stacey Collins, Wilshire Collections

We cannot say enough good things about Marissa! Her sweet nature and her ability to make connections with suppliers in order to get the best prices and deals for our subscription box is unmatched!

Hiring her was Re-Fabbed’s best choice we could have ever made in our sourcing journey!

Brandon and Brooke Riley, Re-Fabbed and Re-Fabbed Boutique

Marissa is a rockstar! She helped me develop new products, find quality manufacturing at incredible prices, and made it all happen seamlessly! She is always quick to respond to my questions.

She has amazing contacts and great connections with the places that are making my products. This year, I’m looking forward to working on more new product development with Marissa. She has helped me so much and is an amazing business woman!

Tricia Robinson, Tricia Robinson Art