About Me

My business is multifaceted (just like me!)

I own and operate a wholesale company for tumblers – I sell to businesses all the things needed for a tumbler business: blanks and customs (think their store logo) as well as vinyl wraps, sublimation prints mock ups, and designs! We also sell directly to consumers via customized ready to ship tumblers.

Sourcing expert

I have been dubbed “The Sourcing Queen” by my clients; this job title ranges from being a ghost subscription box creator, to helping 6, 7, & 8 figure companies import products for their companies as well as teach businesses how to source from overseas cutting out the wholesaler directly themselves.

Business coaching

I am a business coach within The Makers University, where I help handmade & creative business owners grow their companies!

I believe…

strongly in business owners keeping as much money as possible in their own pockets while retaining control of things like quality & design which is why I am such an advocate for cutting out the wholesaler and purchasing directly!

I hope that by visiting to my site you can start to see the possibility of what sourcing can offer you. It’s so much more than extra cash although that’s definitely a bonus 😉

Talk to you soon!

Byyyye, Marissa
Marissa Mae Sayers - The Sourcing Queen
The Sourcing Queen

Marissa Mae Sayers