I have had a Facebook group that I started with the sole purpose of selling LipSense & SeneGence products, which I am obsessed with. The only problem was that it wasn’t leaving me feeling fulfilled it was actually leaving me feeling the opposite.

So I started trying to incorporate more of my every day life with my family but it still wasn’t cutting it. I knew that my passion was to help woman connect and to serve people in all aspects of their life; from generating income, self help, strengthening their relationship with God, becoming better mothers, wives, daughters, sister and friends but wasn’t sure how to do that.

I have been wanting to be apart of a book club for a while now and I created one with my SeneGence team to fill my love of entrepreneur and business books but was still wanting to grow and nourish the other areas in my life as well. I know there are a million podcasts out there (which I listen to and love) however I want that community to be able to have conversations about a book and learn other people perspectives and see things in ways I wouldn’t see on my own.

So I decided that I would switch my group to a community that will hopefully do just those things. My vision is for it to be an online book club, recipe exchange, work out accountability group, advice seeking and becoming closer to Christ safe haven for woman.

We are starting December with reading Emily Ley’s brand new book called A Simplified Life. If you would like to be apart of the community for all the reasons or just some of them then I would love to have you, your thoughts and your ideas!

You can come join our growing tribe of mermaids on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarissaMaeSayers

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