If you are looking for domain and hosting for cheap I recommend these!
The customer service is super amazing and there are a ton of youtube videos easily explaining every step of the way!
What do I need to start?
– Domain
What is a Domain? A domain is what you type into the search bar to get to a website. For example my domain is www.marissamaesayers.com
NAME CHEAP– is where I buy my domains!
– Hosting
What is hosting? Hosting is the power behind keeping your website on the web and manages your storage of your blog posts, graphics, inventory etc. 
SITE GROUND– is how I host my websites!
– Theme to use on WordPress.org
Find a theme that you like for wordpress.ORG (NOT .COM) , my choice is Divi through Elegant Themes
It has the ability to be a drag and drop website, no coding necessary!
Although you can code if you want to! 
Why use wordpress.org and NOT wordpress.com?
Imagine building a big beautiful home on rented land.

That would not be the smartest idea right? You would put all this time and money and energy into something that technically you don’t even own! 

*these are affiliate links because I use all 3 of these and LOVE them!

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