Sourcing and Profitability Expert

Marissa Mae Sayers

aka The Sourcing Queen

I help physical product businesses increase their profits without adding sales.

Private clients have saved MILLIONS by cutting out the middleman in the import process.

Before I started working with clients privately, I formulated and tested the strategy in my own business. Take a look at the Sayers & Co shops I’ve created to be the one-stop shop for all things tumblers!

Marissa Mae Sayers

What is sourcing?

Sourcing products is the strategic process of finding, selecting, and procuring goods from suppliers.

It’s a crucial part of supply chain management that involves researching potential vendors, negotiating prices, evaluating quality, and ensuring timely delivery.

Whether it’s through direct buying from manufacturers or tapping into global markets via international trade, effective product sourcing can lead to significant cost savings, improved product quality, and a competitive edge in the market.

businesses served

I’ve been serving businesses since 2015. I truly love the communities that I’ve been blessed to serve!


for my private clients. I can’t imagine what that # is if I including the savings my own products!

products imported

by building relationships with manufacturers and creating a solid sourcing strategy.

Small business boutique

Work with me

Want to learn and implement my sourcing strategy on your own?

We know you’re thinking “I don’t have any experience or knowledge about sourcing products.” BUT!! We want you to know This course is specifically designed for beginners, providing step-by-step guidance and equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently source products and boost your profitability, regardless of your prior experience.

Take the online course on your own schedule!

Work with me personally for 30 days to jump start your sourcing strategy and start saving on your products!

Let me do the outreach to different manufacturers so you can get the best price on your products and business supplies.

I’ll come up with the ordering plan for up to 90 days during our 30-day consultation.

I’m am just 1 of 6 business coaches at The Makers University! We empower craftpreneurs to let go of their fear of tech to truly harness the power of selling online.

Each business coach has different areas of expertise from social media marketing to business strategy. There are 2 Q&A sessions Monday – Friday along with a library full of trainings!